Day: May 11, 2012

Writing From The Heart: Question #4

Crazy Sincere Available 24/7 which means¬†Trustworthy. Addicted to me which means Supportive. How often you care to your friends? Sadly, I’m not! I am self centered, selfish! Do you believe me? I don’t know how to care, I mean how to show care? I don’t know if what […]


Are you an avid fan of super heroes? Superman, Batman, Wonderwoman and other man man man man. Actually I’m really not into it! I don’t have a favorite one! But it all changes my course when THE AVENGERS save me from army of darkness! Last Wednesday in my […]

The Hell I Have!

No one will ever want this feeling I have right now. No one wants to save me from this feeling so badly. No one cos I don’t wanna pass this on. No one will handle the horror I have! No one on earth cos Lucifer is down there,¬†right […]