Weekly Photo Challenge

Together: Dash and I

our one and only "dash" 😉
He got a brown eyes!!

been a long time since I last hug him and he looked so thirsty on me in this pic! LOL
he must have in his mind:
(inhale and exhale) heeh..heeh... Oh got her arms again! Haha

more closer...
he's shy!! 😛


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  1. How precious the two of you look together. Dash looks like a very good dog. I can tell you really love him…and him you!
    I love these photo. Thank you for sharing them!
    Hugs ♥ xx

    • yaYks….
      thank you for coming in Deb 😉
      A good dog? Well, I must say he is! tho… our neighbor find him so scary! He’s too protective at same time jealous, every time we talk to people ..he turns to be angry! LOL! Still I love him very much! I can hug him all day no matter how bad he smells! Haha


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