When everything seems to be okay!

That’s a reverse….

When everything around you is not okay! When everything around you is problems! When everything is beyond your control! No matter how you try to smile, to laugh, to be positive still …………….. everything goes uneasy!

Do you think unwinding yourself helps you feel better? Do you think drifting, twisting, and turning off your emotions helps you feel better?

If you say so, I guess I’ll try to be on that side!

© Shira2012


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  1. This is a tough question,my friend. I too have days (even weeks,months,and a whole year once) where it felt as if nothing I did was right,everything I did made things worth. What I’ve found and taught myself is this…my circumstances do not control my emotions-I faulter on this like any human being,but one CHOOSES to be happy. This,my friend,you can do,I hear it in your heart of words,you can be happy no matter what faces you,it is a choice,I promise 🙂

    The DC

  2. Yes it is,unfortunately. Smile,my friend,you have all you need to break any problem,and you have many friends too 🙂 You cannot be depressed when you go around smiling really big on purpose (trust me,I had to learn that myself-I wasn’t always a happy guy) 😀 (see how easy smiling is?).


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