The month of February is not only for the month of hearts! It’s a month also of celebration on birthdays. Lots of my friends are born in this month 😀 so greetings for them 😀

11th day of February ~ celebrating Hazela’s birthday :d I love calling her as monita 😀

the celebrant 😀
SEO attack bday bash 😛
Watermelon party 🙂

Message for monita: Hi monita 🙂 Hope Lee Hong Ki will marry you someday! U are the greatest dreamer I’ve ever meet 🙂 nyahahaa

13th day of February ~ It’s Mitx birthday 🙂 We celebrated her birthday yesterday at Mang Inasal, It’s unlimited rice 😀 and after a long time, for the first time in 2012 the ‘BADIDIES’ hang out all together 🙂 As usual, we really hang out but not really complete as yesterday! I miss that 🙂

the celebrant 🙂
what we ate

Mitx with one by one pic of us .. lol

she and I
she and meriam
she and peri
she and al
she and aisa
she and hana
she and heroshi
she and sara
she and katherine tho we rather call her 'yap'
she and rubi
eating time

then after our eating blash we go for Videoke time 🙂

yeah..we love to sing 😀

the picture isn't clear tho I think It's the only good lol

Message for mitx: Aloha mitx 🙂 How does it feel like to be 21? LOL happy birthday 🙂 more blessing to come and continue to be a blessing for us as a good friend. Hugs 😀