Month: October 2011


Hey guys .. I’m going to have short vacay/trip with my co-workers and it will start tomorrow. 😀 Of course I am excited! We’re headed to Bohol, one of the best spot here in Philippines. So, you might not hear anything from me for this coming 4-5 days I […]

I seek Change

I seek Change. A Change which reveal the real me. A Change that will drift me to unfurnished road. I seek Change. A Change for a better life. A Change to a better person. I seek Change. A Change to find my Holocaust. A Change to  see my […]

People Change

People smile as they feel happy. People giggle as they laugh. People cry as they feel horrible. People rest as they get tired. People endure pain as they taking the risk. People forget as they change. People turn to ashes as they die.

When Art Calls My Soul

Last night .. Last night Art blew me away I don’t know but I feel so uneasy the suddenly grabbed my unused white polo shirt, the brush, and the text tile paints. What can you see in this piece? How see it? Why you see it that way? […]

I Love Wearing Skirt!

Today, at my Friday morning, as I got in in our workplace .. my co-workers look at me and one said: “woOoh .. What’s on  the skirt” and I answered: “makin’ me feel a lady” .. LOL 😉 Which really do. What made me to post this is […]


A Reblog: And my comment: Wow… What a post!!!  Well, I guess..for her it is a useless question apparently cos … as we keep to raise the word “WHY” we certainly answer it with the word “BECAUSE” …. and in line with that word “REASONS” are about to […]