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Today nothing so special more than the fact that I am still breathing at this moment and for the coming moments I will have. Hours ago, to be exact around my 5pm, I was in the kitchen making a juice to drink and I suddenly stop then smiled. Weird? No, I am not. I stop for a moment and said, WOW! I AM HAPPY! I don’t know but there’s something driven in me. Something that is worth smiling for.

In contrary, I was planning to post this around 5pm where I do feel this unexplained feeling on earth but connection trouble and then I back now and decided just to publish in my tomorrow but. As I scrolled down the mouse creeping my twitter friends tweets on tweetdeck a ReTweet or RT caught me, a photo that somehow maybe can show you all what and how is my feeling really was at that time so finally decided to post and share this to all of you guys.

a wonderful feeling of a father

My friend Jason_Escape and his wife finally have Baby_Escape in their life. For months waiting, its just so good to have, to touch someone, to touch an angel that been waiting for so long. I am so happy for you Jason, for your wife, for baby Jason. xOxO

As I saw this, all I can utter is WONDERFUL. It’s so wonderful live. No matter you know or not the reason why you are happy, still it is wonderful.

I hope you are having all a wonderful moment. As surely I am having my wonderful sleep tonight. Good night everyone and to other side of the world, Good morning.

~ Shira


Twitter is the weirdest social media I ever have! I tell you that! And today another one totally pisses me off! Heck I am an SEO yet didn’t able to identify a SPAM! Tsk… Well, i was just terrifed cos it came from my friend!

 And what’s this diet all about?




To my friends … Sorry if some spam message sent to your DM on twitter. Michael, Ness and to all I am sorry!

30DHB +1Dare: Day24

Day 24 — Given the choice between having to live the rest of my life without my voice, or living the rest of my life without the ability to hear, I would choose…

Given the choice between having to live the rest of my life without my voice, or living the rest of my life without the ability to hear, I would choose the former one. To live the rest of my life without my voice. Why? …. (roll it)

Living on earth, in this world, having a chance to see the wonders and beauty that God made for us to see is so much I am lucky to have! To live in this world with a complete human body parts, I am so blessed with that. Now living the rest of my life without my voice, I guess that’s fair enough to those who don’t have sight, to those who can’t walk, to those who can’t fully laugh hard because they got heart disease. Choosing to live without my voice is still lucky for me. I can still be heard by people THROUGH my writings. I can still make a shout out through internet, through blogging, through social media. But not to hear other’s opinion, not to hear if they complimented me, not to hear what does the world whisper to me, not to hear the wind, the air that I breath…. I guess it feels like singing but you don’t know how good you are !!

For those who believes that to speak is a sin, to say one’s opinion is a mistake… WE CAN HEAR YOU !!!

Hmm, as I write my last sentence in the first paragraph I see a lesson here! For the first time in 24 days  blogging honesty I see a lesson, I learn a lesson!

Lucky for us who can speak and hear! Use those ability in making the world better. We can hear so we can hear what everyone’s want and we can speak so we can say what ideas to can contribute to make it more better. Don’t hesitate to speak because you don’t know, what you think is a useless thought can  make the whole world different. And that’s what we call “CHANGE”

~ Shira

Happy Blogging Everyone!

Speak and Be Heard !!!

Can’t Figure Out ©Shira2012

Facebook Anomaly: #7

Whenever I see your name on my chat list. I take a deep breath, and I get shivers. I see flashback of us laughing. I guess I’m not over with you. Not fully.

©Shira2012 via FacebookAnomaly

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Happy Earth Day Everyone !!!

ohwps….can’t really help it :D :D

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I got my totally new look and…

Mr.Teej totally made my day too :D

So Happy Sha lala :D :D

once again

Happy Earth Day Everyone !!